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Post Information Scarcity

In Star Trek humans live in a post-scarcity world. Transporter technology allows for instantaneous and cheap movement of humans and objects anywhere on a planet, and into or out of orbit. The same devices that allow for transportation can also re-organize matter into arbitrary configurations. This means that anything that can be designed can be owned for essentially no cost. What do people do in such a world? As Gene Roddenberry imagined, they explore.

Working With GPT

The programmer internet is polarizing over ChatGPT. Some claim that it is nearly AGI, some claim it cannot do anything of value, with plenty of people in between. I’ve worked with GPT-3 professionally, used CoPilot for over a year, and recently started programming side-projects with the assistance of ChatGPT (I pay for GPT-4 access). I’m considering working with LLMs full time again, so I pay close attention to what the GPT models can actually do.

ChatGPT's Political Compass

This is written in response to this post from David Rozado. Results I ran the political compass quiz against ChatGPT 3 times to make sure its political compass alignment is consistent. After three tests it seems to be be pegged well into the Left/Libertarian quadrant. Transcripts: 1, 2, 3 Weaseling To start off I want to call out that the political compass test is by no means a definitive source on what it means to be left, right, libertarian or authoritarian.